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The Essential Guide to Your Company Stock

Your Modern Guide to Understanding the Different Stock Awards offered in the Tech Industry.

Essential Guide to Your Company Stock

Meet Joe Morgan, CFA, CFP®

Photo of Joe Morgan CFA, CFP

After earning his Master of Science in Finance from Texas A&M University, Joe Morgan immersed himself in an investment career, eventually working his way up to Chief Investment Officer of Silicon Valley Bank. Joe’s work has been recognized in the 
Wall Street Journal , where he discussed how he helped clients navigate the 2008 financial crisis. With Joe’s guidance, these clients were able to avoid significant losses that caught many individual investors by surprise.

After 25 years in the corporate world, managing money for some of the country’s largest foundations, endowments, and corporations, Joe was ready for a change. Shifting his focus toward families in the local community, Joe earned his Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) designation and founded Best Financial Life in Danville, California.

Peek Inside the Guide

The Essential Guide to Your Company Stock walks through the four different types of stock awards that are made by tech companies.

Each section:
  • defines the award
    • discusses how the award is affected by taxes, and
      • provides a strategy for each award type.


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